Why Take Piano Lessons from Me?

I offer:
  • Free introductory lesson.
  • Over 23 years of experience.
  • Proven, structured teaching method. Effective enough to help a beginner master the art, but flexible enough to meet each student where they are. You move at your own pace with guidance from an experienced professional.
  • Donít just learn to play by rote: learn how to improvise and compose your own material, how to hear a piece and play it.
  • I create a comfortable environment to help you reach your goals, whatever they are.
  • Experience with all ages from 6 years old up to seniors. Elementary age children and adult beginners my specialty.
  • Take part in a free optional annual recital in June.
  • Convenient central Alameda location with ample parking.
  • Sliding fee scale.
  • References available upon request.

I love the spark of joy on a child's face when they've learned to play "Hedwig" or "Its a Small World.Ē They just light up when they realize they can play their favorite tunes.

I love seeing the glow on proud parents' faces as they watch (and video) their child playing in the recital. Just a few short years ago I was showing them where middle C is and now theyíre playing a Beethoven sonata. I also enjoy hearing pieces that the kids compose. They have such creativity in them.

I love to teach music: at the end of my work day, Iím smiling, singing and humming the tunes I've been teaching that day. I enjoy preparing the lessons--thinking about what a person needs and likes--and then figuring out how to give that to them. I teach solid fundamental knowledge--not mere rote imitation. I encourage initiative and independence. I want the student to be able to learn songs on their own.

Schedule a free introductory lesson.